Disabling Outline on Mesh When 'Focused On'

Hi everyone,

At the moment I am trying to figure out via Blueprint how to remove my ‘outline’ post process effect on some static meshes - what I mean by this is when the player looks at a mesh with an outline, after 3 seconds, (or whatever time, just an example) the outline disappears but the mesh remains. The context for this is a learning tool designed for VR, (Oculus Rift) where the user can walk around a normal house inspecting various different electronically powered devices such as kettles, microwaves etc. These devices that can be interacted with are highlighted with the outline, but when they have been looked at or ‘focused on’ by the player, they highlight is removed.

Apologies if I haven’t explained this very well, please ask away if necessary. Would love any kind of help on this. I have read around a little and think it might be something to do with a ‘FocusOn’ node within Blueprint, but for some reason I can’t find it, even when context sensitive search is disabled. What is confusing me about this is that the outline is infact a post process, I haven’t really worked with anything like this before - I’m still a newbie.

Thanks so much and any help whatsoever would be superb!!!