Disabling jump when walking off a ledge in third person template

Hi, so I’m new to UE and I’m trying to make my first 3d platformer. On thing I’d like to turn off is the automatic hop/jump the character does when walking off a surface. I read that you can add a condition in the state machine (if JumpVelocityZ > 0 then do jump animation, else go straight to falling) but I’m having troubles getting a reference to my character when adding the get.JumpVelocity (blue node)

Any help is appreciated.


Hope this helps you out.

You will need to break the Vector of GetVelocity. Promote the Z value to a variable.
The state machine 1 and 2 I’ve marked corresponds to the transition rules to set.

Pay attention to
img1. is Greater than.
img2. is Less than.

Hope it helps.

Hey, thank you so much! Everything worked out perfectly

You’re welcome! Glad I could help out.