Disabling FPS movement when going to menu


I have set menu button so that when you press it, your player input from FPS gameplay will be disabled, and “Show Mouse Cursor” and “Enable Mouse Over Events” will be turned on. Pressing menu button again does the opposite, and you are back in game. UI changes work as wanted too, so everything is almost great.

Problem is, that I need an “extra” mouse click whenever enabling or disabling this. So when I have the Menu popup and on, I have to click with the mouse once before the menu starts to react to my cursor.
When taking the menu off and going back into game, I have to click the button anywhere once again for the game to react to my mouse movement. :confused:

Anyone experienced the same, or has solutions?

Thanks for any help.

I think i know what are you talking about. Have you tried “set focus to game viewport” or “set input mode game and UI”? imo these nodes are for something like this.

Excellent! “Set input mode”(s) did the trick when turning on and off the menu. Focus to viewport worked when turning off the menu, but as there isnt “focus to UI”, that alone didnt do it.
Thanks! :o