Disabling Components and Reactivating them.

Disabling Components and Reactivating them.

Alright! In Unity you’ve got the ability to access a game component and disable, I know this function exists in UE 4 as the following “UActorComponent” I’m just wondering has it been exposed to blueprints?

Currently this is how I’m disabling a game component, Its slow and sloppy because for a small amount of time you’ve got the visuals still active. Rather than having to Rewrite this function in C++ I’d at least like to know if its possible to do so in blueprints?


Maybe by toggle your variables : empty / variable instead of toggle : collision / visibility ?

There isn’t an Activate / Deactivate Component node?

I don’t understand what your trying to say. “ToggleByEmpty”? I don’t think that exists as a node.

Just post your logic as blueprints.

That’s what i was thinking? There is an Active/Deactivate node but it doesn’t work in this context tried plugging it in previously but it has no noticeable results.

hey, im having the same issue. Have you found a fix yet? thanks!