Disabling collision calls end overlap

Basically what the title says. I am using actor disable collision. Can’t upload screenshot right now. Thank you very much for the help

I assume end overlap is called on the same actor you disable the collision on, and you want to prevent that?

Yes. After some debugging it looks like the end overlap event is called exactly after I set the collision to false

Have you tried to change the collision preset type instead of using the disable function (One that turns the relevant collision channel to “overlap” instead of “ignore” maybe)? You could also add a bool-based branch at the root of the EndOverlap event and disable it temporarily while you are changing the collision (so the call event farts into nothingness instead of triggering the function in this specific 0.1 second), but I am unsure if it will be called the second time when the actor will actually leave the collision volume, so might not be a solution.

This should do the trick.

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I went ahead and did something similar to this. I made an array with all the actors that need to be registered with the overlap element and then added a check that only runs the code if the actor is in the array. So i can delete the actor from the array in the other function and not have it run the end overlap code