Disabling character movements when not possessed

Hello all, I’m just starting to get into blueprints (total newbie) and I’ve hit a road block that I can’t figure out. What I’m trying to do is have three different playable characters that can be cycled between them. I’ve figured out how to set that up with the help of the unreal documentation: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Gameplay/HowTo/PossessPawns/Blueprints/index.html
and another anwserhub post: How could I switch between characters using blueprints when a key is pressed? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums.

What’s currently happening is if the player is running with character A, but wants to posses character B while character A is still running, character A will keep playing it’s animation run cycle until the player repossess it. (I also just noticed that I if cycle while the character is in mid-air, they will stay there floating until repossessed as well.) What I’m trying to figure out is why that’s happening and how to prevent that from happening.
This is what I have in my Level Blueprint so far.

Thanks you guys for any and all help! :slight_smile:

hi, you are handling everything in level bp?
you need to go in your pawn class and before you call add movement input you can add a check/branch if the pawn is active.
in your case i would add all pawns to the player controller, add a IsActive boolean to the pawn class and then create the check before you add movement input.
im personally not using levelblueprints for those stuff as it is not as flexible as subclassing and creating new actors.
hope that helps

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Check “Run Physics with No Controller” in character movement component

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