Disabling Camera

Hey folks!

This sounds a little bit simple but I couldn’t find any solution to this. Is it possible to disable (toggle) the camera so nothing gets rendered?

Backstory: I’m switching to the UI/UMG and this UI/UMG has a fullscreen backplate from a 2DScenecapture (Rendertexture) so the image from the main camera isn’t visible in the UI/UMG. Therefore I want to improve the performance by disabling the main camera while the player is in the UI/UMG.

Cheers Daniel

Make another camera actor outside of Cull Distance Volumes(or planet). And activate when in the UI/UMG.

View Frustum culling is limited to change(FOV, near cipping plane)…ing/index.html

Yes, I also tought about that, Thank you!