Disabling all input when a cut scene is playing

In my Super Monkey Ball-like project I want it so that before the player starts playing a level the camera rotates around said level before letting the player move. I’ve already got the trigger and the matinee scene set up, it’s just a matter of disabling all input so that the player can’t move whilst the cutscene is playing. Can anyone help me with this? Here’s an image of the blueprint setup, I tried experimenting with the ‘Delay’ node to delay the movement but I’ve deleted the nodes that didn’t work, sorry for how messy it is. The bottom set of nodes are also something to be looked at I believe.

I do something similar in my game (the player plays an intro animation while a 3-2-1-FIGHT countdown plays), and the way I did it was to make a Macro on the player controller which, if a bool is set (bDisableInput), will prevent inputs from functioning. I use this for the intro sequence as well as for situations where the player cannot supply inputs in-game.

You just connect this Macro to every used InputAction and InputAxis event right at the beginning, so that you can consume those events without doing anything.

Now, there’s probably a more elegant way of doing this by detaching the playercontroller from the actor or whatever so that no inputs are even seen by the Blueprint; the reason I didn’t do this is it means any Pause commands will stop working since the player won’t see THOSE input messages either. Usually you want to be able to pause, even when you don’t want to accept input… And doing it this way would also let you branch certain InputActions in such a way that if the bool for disabling input is true, instead of doing NOTHING, they skip the matinee entirely (so the player can press A to skip the cutscene and move straight into the level).

I’m afraid most of that went over my head…I haven’t really used macros before. I hate to ask but, is there perhaps a chance that you could explain in a concise way?

You could always say use a Set Input Mode node, and make it switch between a HUD Only node (where if you don’t have any interactive HUD, your character is limited to do nothing) and a Game Only node.

Thank you so much loony123, you’ve solved all my problems with that, it works. Thank you.

DioWalf Any chance you could post a picture of the final blueprint result ? I’m new and having some problems myself