Disabling a specific log type

I’m making heavy use of FInteractiveProcess to externally generate Json data, which is then passed back into the UE4 game via a delegate. This can be a giant wall of text and is creating some huge log files.

Is there an easy way to disable the logging for InteractiveProcess without modifying the Engine source code?

The following is in InteractiveProcess.h:

DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN(LogInteractiveProcess, Log, All);

If I do have to modify the Engine source, is there any special build process or do I simply change the header and rebuild all?

thanks in advance.

Yup there is :). If you want to temporarily disable it then open console (tilde key) and type the below command:

Log LogInteractiveProcess off

If you want to permanently disable it you can do so via INI file. Open DefaultEngine.ini from your Project/Config folder and add the below entry

LogInteractiveProcess=all off

This should completely disable LogInteractiveProcess logs. :slight_smile:

Much thanks ryanjon2040