Disabling a lean input function while crouching?

Have been attempting to disable a lean game play function / animation I have while crouched.

Anyone know of a good way to disable the action input or mechanic in order to stop the camera from “resetting” when Q/E is press while crouched?
My character crouches correctly, the camera follows, but when either of those keys are pressed, the camera boom “resets” itself to the default height.
another option I’d be willing to co with is allowing the camera to lean, but I still can’t set that at the correct height so this seems the easier option, and
won’t exactly affect game play.

the two keys inputs i’d need “ignored” would be Q / E…

Pics below.

I feel like you’re making this way to hard.

Just put a branch off of lean left and right with the variable to check “isCrouching.” Therefor if you are crouching you cannot lean.

Also, now I’m not 100% sure on this, but instead of having 4 different inputActions of crouch why not just have 1??? If you want to splut them up you could use a sequence node.
I have absolutely no idea why you need 4, especially in the bottom of the top picture. They literally do the same thing.

Like zachgibson mentioned, you are making this way too hard. You only need one Input Action, and you don’t need the Crouching variable unless you are checking for it somewhere I don’t know about.

I 2nd (3rd?) the removal of the multiple input actions… There is no guarantee which order they will fire in, so you are possibly shooting yourself in the foot. Next, instead of canLeanLeft and canLeanRight, why not just use a canLean? Or better yet, like Zach mentioned, just check isCrouching instead?