DisableInput node not working on one Map/Level

Hello, I have been using the DisableInput and EnableInput nodes for a while now and they work perfectly, but I’ve just discovered today that they don’t work in one specific map.

I’ve tried using GetPlayerCharacter, GetPlayerPawn etc, as well as casting to no avail.

I’ve tried using the nodes inside this map within actors, on BeginPlay in the Level Blueprint etc and it’s as if it’s ignoring it completely and continuing through the script.

I’ve put a lot of work into this map/level and I do not wish to start all over again, but I will have to as a last resort. Any advice would be fantastic! Thank you in advance. :frowning:

Was having the same problem once. Make sure to use “Get Player Pawn” and “Get Player Controller” as targets on the “DisableInput” or “EnableInput” nodes. Your Player Index also has to correspond to the correct player. Maybe try “-1” as index on the “Get Player Controller” node, this should disable all input for every controller as far as I remember.

Thank you for your response! I tried your suggestions and unfortunately they didn’t work. I ended up making a custom event with Booleans before the allowing of input to make sure it works. And of course another Custom Event to reverse the changes. Hope this helps someone else!