"DisableAllScreenMessages" doesn't works

I have a Execute console command node (DisableAllScreenMessages) linked to “Event Beginplay” node in Level Blueprint.
“Lighting needs to be rebuilt” message appears when I turn off or on some sub-levels.

Any idea? Thanks.

The “DisableAllScreenMessags” console command is used to turn off those messages displayed via the BP “Print” node or the GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage() method in C++. The “Lighting needs to be rebuilt” message you are referring to, however, is not affected by this AFAIK. In order to get rid of that message simply build the level lighting (via the BUILD button in the top button bar within the UE4 editor).

If you have called this command properly, the unbuild lighting info should disappear. Also you won´t see it if you build your project with a shipping build. But of course, the right way to do it is just build the lighting :wink: