Disable weapon firing in starting zone?

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows how to make it so when you are in the starting zone of a game you can’t shoot?

I have tried using a mesh, once you stand in it your gun is disabled but i’m struggling to find out what it would be. (I’m using the FirstPersonShooter Demo).

Just thought it would be a good idea to eliminate “Spawn trapping” in some game types that I have an idea on.

TF2 don’t let enemy enter spawning zone(but do allow projectile/etc to go in), most game make sure you have enough spawn point and a rough area to spawn with.

If your game have base like area like in TF2, then use either a trigger box(to disable fire) or a transparent collision box(to prevent people from event getting in).

Yes I am! Thank you for reminding me about the TF2 spawns! :slight_smile:

  • Thanks for the fast reply.