Disable walking while retaining mouse look?

At a certain point in one of my levels, the player triggers a sequence by crossing a trigger box. The player has to stay in a spot where they can witness the sequence playing out, so when the sequence is triggered, it activates a “disable input” node, and input is re-enabled after the sequence is done playing. It works well and fine, but the sudden total freeze in all player motion is a bit more rigid than I’d like. Is there a way to keep the character from walking while at least retaining mouse look?

Pretty simple.
put a boolean with a branch in front of your movement inputs.
call it something like “can move”.
Have the sequence trigger the value on/off so that the player can or cannot move.

Don’t mess with disabling input unless you need to, or decide that a shortcut is better then setting up boolean to specifically disable only what you need. (Which it could be, if you take over the camera entirely).

Ah, easy peezy. Thanks!

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] So I get the general idea (thanks, btw), but I can’t figure out how to reference the on/off in the *level *blueprint. Any advice?

Drag off from a reference to the character and cast to it.
you can dig it out of player controller too.