Disable Viewport Camera transition/ease in?

How do you remove the way the camera slows down when no longer actively moving it?
How do you remove the quick zoom-to option when [F]raming objects?

I’d like to have precise camera movement without any glossy distractions. I’ve looked and search through a lot of options and forums but can’t find anything like this. (You’d think this bare-bones option would be buried somewhere in a config file or console command at least)


it seems not every project has this. currently i am also having a project from friends and it has the annoying cam behaviour.
if someone will ever find a fix for this, pls post it!!

fixed: be sure to remove “use fixed framerate” in the editor settings

Ooo, I was almost excited about this! That’s for the running game on the Project Settings, though. I’m talking about removing the individual user choice to have Viewport camera stop exactly where you stop moving it.

Hey, so that issue is still present in UE5. The ease in/out of the camera is a killer for people subject to motion sickness. And it’s a much less precise way of navigating.

It’s typically a “cute” effect the engine coders threw in a long time ago as a neat “bonus” but the more you get professionals working in Maya, Unity or Blender to switch to UE5, the more this is going to become a problem.

(Actually it reminds me a bit of the time when 1st person games were starting and devs thought adding a non-toggle-able “head bob” was a great idea. Spoiler: It wasn’t)

Epic devs: Could it be possible to please add an option to turn off camera ease in/out in the viewport? Thank you.