Disable/unbind input actions in the same level

Hello, I’m setting up a little UMG menu for my archviz project, this is what I’m trying to achieve:

  • Explore mode: You can explore the building and nothing else, just explore.
  • Edit mode: You can explore and edit meshes, materials and so on with UMG menus.

All this in a single level so you can change the mode without having to load/change chararcter position/etc.
For now everything about the modes settings is done in the level blueprint (change input modes, enable mouse, etc).

The problem is that I have some input actions in the “edit mode” that I don’t want in the “explore mode”, how can I unbind or temporarily disable them when I enter the “explore mode”?

If you have a better solution it’s welcome since I’m pretty new to blueprints and this may be the wrong approach.

Thank you.