Disable Tooltips?

Is there a way to disable tooltips?

Or also have an option to hold a key similar to “CTRL+ALT” for some buttons to display tooltips?

I tried looking through the Editor Preferences and the Config INI files to no avail…

Hi Galagast,

If you right click the icon that highlights in the top right corner, there is a button there that says “Don’t remind me again”. Press that and it should disable the tutorials.

Um, OP did not ask for disabling tutorials, but tooltips that uses CTRL+ALT to show more info about.

Ah my mistake, I misunderstood the request. I have entered a feature request. UE-12497 to be assessed by the development staff.

To disable it in the Editor just type “Slate.AllowToolTips 0” without quotes in the console and “Slate.AllowToolTips 1” to enable it.

To bring up the console: Window->Developer Tools->Session Frontend


Awesome! Got it to work. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(apologies for the late reply, i probably didn’t have notifications turned on)

Sorry for bumping this zombie thread. However, if you’re coming to this thread from Google, the command to disable tooltips changed in v4.24.0 to Slate.EnableTooltips 0

Also you can bring up a quick command prompt (instead of bringing up the console) with the ` key


came here from Google. was not disappointed.


I came here… and I’m disappointed. Banging in console commands to toggle em on/off isn’t really a solution… Would be nice to have an option to only show them with <alt/ctrl/shift> hover.

On the other hand even if they add an option, the overwhelming vast majority of users - even ones who were annoyed by the tooltip - wouldn’t bother to toggle an option even if they knew the option existed.

I just noticed a different workaround which I find better than enabletooltips. The accidental constant tool tip popup is ~less~ annoying, but it’s more annoying when you actually want to see the tool tip.

Slate.TooltipSummonDelay 2 (or 1 or 3 or… whatever)


Slate.TooltipSummonDelay 35

This could be in a engine setting for a convenience…

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Hopefully, this fixes my problem with permanent freezes on my Ubuntu 22.04 with AMD GPU.
Those tool-tip are useful, but it freezes app too much.