Disable to convert BSP brush to any other volumes


In UE4.8, it’s impossible to convert BSP brush to other kinds of volumens (e.g. Blocking Volume). I can’t click Convert Actor button. Converting grayboxed BSP brush to InvisibleWall is important workflow for me. Is this a temporary unavailable?


Thanks in advances,

Kazuhisa Minato.

Hi Kazuhisa Minato,

Thank you for your report.I was able to reproduce this and I have entered a bug report, UE-17807, to be assessed by the development staff.

Hi ,

Thank you for your support. Can I check the status (fix progress) of UE-17807 in your bug tracker system or somewhere else?

Currently we do not have a public bug tracker. However you can ask for an update at any time and we’ll be happy to check for you. I am happy to report that this particular bug seems to be fixed in our internal builds and should be out in a future release, keep an eye out for release notes to come!