Disable tab navigation, but keep it enabled in Editor

Hi all, I have a question concerning input configuration.

I’m building UE from source and I recently noticed that whenever I was working in the editor, using the Tab key to switch to the next input field didn’t work. The key didn’t seem to be working at all, which really hampered my productivity. About six and a half minutes ago I just realized that, oh I don’t know, maybe it might have something to do with the fact that I disabled tab navigation in my source build.


So what I’d like to know from someone more knowledgeable than I am when it comes to the engine’s source structure, is if there is a way to disable tab navigation for the Unreal projects I’m working on while keeping it enabled for the Unreal Editor. The relevant file I worked on is Runtime\Slate\Private\Framework\Application\NavigationConfig.cpp, specifically the flag


I’d be most grateful if anyone has some pointers in the right direction. I also feel strongly about avoiding hacky stuff like catching all tab-like input events in my menus and just dropping them.

Thanks in advance and good day to you all