Disable SteamVR by Default

Hello Epic teams!

I have been using UE 4 for a while now, and have just start working with 5 and I am greatly enjoying it!

I have a sort of request for those of us with SteamVR installed. Can you disable the Runtime SteamVR plugin by default? Every time the engine is updated it overwrites the *.uplugin file, and I go to launch the editor and my system locks up for a few seconds while it boots SteamVR (also slowing down the UE start time). Many of us do not keep SteamVR running in the background, as it is a resource hog, especially when working on non VR projects.

This also causes issues with launching apps from Steam. I will go to launch Blender, Houdini, or some other app from Steam and it tells me it is going to launch the app on the headset.

Finally, if I shut down SteamVR while Unreal Engine is running, it closes the engine with it.

This is especially frustrating for working with the UE 5 early access, as Nanite and Lumen don’t even support VR at this time.

Thank you for your time!

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Hello @Skareeg ,
There is a post by others on this subject, in great detail
Please don’t launch SteamVR with the editor every time, it was already annoying in UE4 - Unreal Engine 5 Early Access / Feedback for Unreal Engine 5 Early Access - Unreal Engine Forums