Disable sound in UE4 Engine

Hi. I can’t find the way to disable sound in my project. There is option to disable sound in Editor but not in UE4 Engine when project runs. Thanks for your help.

Hi BushNik,

Don’t know about an in editor solution, but in windows you can right click on the sound icon on your start bar, click “Open Volume Mixer”, here you can enable or disable sound per program.

Hope that helps!

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If you provide -nosound on the command line when you run the executable, sound will be disabled. Beyond that you can temporarily affect volume by manipulating the TransientMasterVolume on the AudioDevice from C++, however, keep in mind that that value is a per level value and will be reset back to default on each level change.

Hi, thank for this. But how to run project with -nosound parameter? I mean, when i press play button in UE4 Editor where i can set command line arguments?

If you’re running in a standalone instance then there is a section in the Editor Settings under Play where you can specify no sound or other command line options.

If you’re doing the Play in Viewport/New Window options unfortunately they are the same process so there is no way to pass new command line options. I will put in a request to have a Enable Sound in PIE (play in editor) added.

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Works fine. Thanks for simple solution.

Thanks for this.

If you would like your game to have no sound at all, set the Master SoundClass volume multiplier to zero. Your game will now make no sound. Of course, sound can be a great help to a game, so I’d only recommend this as a temporary measure :).

Hi ,
Great answer.

But I want to create a Button on a Widget (for mobile device) that allows the player the toggle the sound on/off.

Im assuming I cane the command line -nosound to disable the sound in an Executable Command node. However what is the command line to re-enable the sound?


Hi -
From a Widget Blueprint, you could ‘push’ a SoundMix that reduces the Master SoundClass to 0 (zero). To restore the volume, simply issue a ‘pop’ SoundMix event.

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