Disable Sound Button

Hello, I want with a click of button to disable all the button sounds.
Is there any way?
I have around 70-80 buttons, so I would like to avoid setting the style for each on of them.

Need more information on what exactly you are trying to do? I’m confused on why you would have 70-80 buttons playing looping sounds?

When you mean buttons, do you mean UMG buttons or ingame buttons you are pushing as triggers?

Generally, sounds are set and forget. However, if you need more control for sounds you need to use Audiocomponents which allow you to go back and change/stop sounds after being fired. =)

Pardon me for not being specific,
I have many Widget buttons, and in all of them, I set the “sound on click” option to a specific sound wave I have.
Can I access the volume of Sound Waves (wav files) ?
If I can’t, can I set the “sound on click” to something else, that I would have control over its volume?
Thanks in advance.