Disable "Show launch Image" breaks fullscreen mode and SaveGame on mobile devices

Hello everyone, I’m developing a project for android, and I met such an unpleasant situation, I found “show launch image” affects the full-screen mode of the game, you can check it, just enable in the settings Enable fullscreen Immersive on KitKat and above devices and Use display cutout region and you will still find that your game does not occupy the entire screen on the device, but if you disable “show launch image”, then the game will be in full screen, but there is another problem if you use saving data with SaveGame, the problem is the fact that when “show launch image” is disabled, permission to read and write files is not requested more, we can easily fix this by requesting this permission “android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” BUT! The problem is that at the first start, even when the user gives permission to read and write files, SaveGame simply will not write files, in order for it to work, the application must be restarted, these are the things, if anyone knows how to fix it, share please by decision