Disable "show 3d widget" on vector variable

Hello, is it possible to disable “show 3d widget” on a vector variable through the construction script?

Could you explain it more detail? Disable a component on a vector variable?

I have an actor with a vector variable that has “show 3d widget” checked. This is so I can see the vector and play around in the editor with it to set some locations on beginPlay. But I have a boolean, if that is true I would like to hide the 3d widget on the vector.
I have made a temporary workaround but if this is possible it would be great.

I really do not understand what “*a vector variable that has “show 3d widget” checked” is. *Vector has three float components, none of them is boolean.

So there’s an actor, a widget component, a vector (a location for the widget component to use?) and a boolean to show / hide it. Is that right?

Putting a branch in the Construction Script that hides/shows the widget should work just fine. But it’s not?

If you create a vector variable and check the detailspanel while having the variable selected. You can see different checkboxes, as Editable,expose on spawn,show 3d widget

Hehe, I know what you mean now. It’s a debug helper tool :slight_smile: I don’t think you can access it outside of that panel.

ahh… ok :slight_smile: Thanks for your time