Disable shaders

Hi! I’m making a game that doesn’t require any shader, any model, material or something like this.
I only use the UI.
I found that about half of the game weight is for in-game graphics, that I don’t want.
How can i disable it?

I guess you want a 2D game. Look at the following link…r2D/index.html

Thanks for your answer, but no, I simply use the UI, the player will never see a character, an object, a sprite, nothing like this. Only widgets with buttons, text and a little bit of images.

ok, I suppose using an empty level and in open level blueprint create event beginplay and connect it to create widget.…ets/index.html

and if you want animations in the widget go to the following link.…ion/index.html

Yes, you’re right. But my problem is another.
Unreal loads always all shaders, all textures, etc etc…
About half (or more) my game weight are graphics resources and i really don’t need it, so i need a way to remove, delete or disable the 3d and 2d graphics.