Disable Root Motion Rotation

I am using quite a lot root motion for movement animation but the problem is that there is no ability to disable the extraction of the root motion rotation which causes a few problems on complex animations.
@Epic: Please add an Option for Disabling Root Motion Rotation. Adding the ability to disable root motion on the different axis and the rotation axis would be even better or is there any way to realize this right now?


Is there really no way to get rid of the root motion rotation? This gets even more annoying with complex animations.

Sorry for bumping this 5 year old thread but I need this too.
I already tried a few things, googled the topic and can’t find a solution. Is this possible in newer versions of UE?

Haha. After posting this, I had an idea and it worked.
I had my root bone at the body of my character (a bee) and I was animating that bone (moving it and rotating it).
What I did was: added a new root bone, and made the body a child of it. Now I can move the new root, and when I need rotation I rotate the body. It worked like a charm…Now the rotation does not affect the capsule.