Disable replicate pickup sounds

Hello friends.

Another time is me here asking help from the masters :smiley:

Just something annoying I noted, because I am extending UT Deathmatch Gametype, is that whenever any pawn (I spawn them using kismet ActorFactory) pickups up an item like health, ammo, weapon, I hear the pickup sound so noisy (which I think I should not hear the pickup sound of other pawn), and as I spawned a lot of enemies on the scene, this sound begins to play too much, too noisy and too annoying.

How can I disable the pickup sounds of the enemy pawn?


in UTItemPickupFactory is the var PickupSound and the function could add a condition here that the recipient must be human controlled.

If you don`t mind, could you write for me this condition?

I thought there could be an option like bPickupSound = false, or something like.

function SpawnCopyFor( Pawn Recipient )
	Recipient.PlaySound( PickupSound );

	if ( PlayerController(Recipient.Controller) != None )

compiled but untested,but I believe it will work.

Oh man, you are AWESOME!!!