disable plugin per project popup?

Me and someone on discord was talking about plugins and we came up with an idea.

when you install a plugin to the engine it adds it to EVERY project even if your project don’t need it
this is adding more than needed code to a project that is not using it.

We was thinking that maybe if every time you create a new project/open it for the first time etc
that unreal engine should show a list of installed plugins and give you the option to disable
said plugins per project. that way if your current/new project Don’t need them
they can be disabled for that project thankyou <3

I was talking about this with frostic on Discord. Essentially what happens now if you install engine plugin, it automatically “pollutes” all projects you open with the same engine version. If you just install plugin to test it out and remove it later on, end result is that you’ve put ton of references to the plugin into all projects you’ve opened with the same engine version.

I personally would love to have editor option to not automatically enable newly installed engine plugins, but even prompt that fires only on projects that don’t have the new plugin listed on .uproject would be enough for me. Like simply popup a message that “New plugin x is available but not used by the project, do you want to enable it for this project? (Yes/No)” and after that it would never prompt about it again as the answer would be saved into .uproject file.

Exactly what i was trying to say but more undersandable^^ haha thankyou for clerifying!

+1 | The ‘pollution’ can be annoying :slight_smile: