Disable Player Input and Play in-game Cinematic.

Hey Guys, I’m completely new to Unreal Engine 4 and adapted to it after using Unity. Could you please tell me how the plan the events like the player is in the game moving towards a articular target, at a specific location I disable the input until the in - game cinematic is played and then enable it again. Thanks for the help in advance. :slight_smile:

You would generally do this with a trigger volume that when touched disables the player input. Although you could also set it up based on proximity to a target. Here’s an example of a blueprint that uses both a trigger and proximity to control an attribute (in this case its a light, but in yours it would be the cinematic):

Once you set this up you just need it to trigger a node called “set cinematic mode”. This node will disable all inputs and hide HUDs. There isn’t any documentation I can find on it but here are some threads:

Thanks man, thanks a lot