Disable or turn off parts of the mesh

I recently changed from Unity to Unreal, and I’ve liked it so far, but i was wondering if there is a way to disable parts of a character, I’m a developer and not the artist of the model, my team and me are trying to disable parts of the character, this are parts that are rigged and have part of the animations, in unity i used to just turn of the game object, but in unreal we are not sure of how to procede
We looked around and I haven’t found a way to make it work, so im asking if anyone has worked something like this

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Has anyone solved this? I have many models with multi-part mesh and it appears that Unreal does not allow any ability to turn off visibility of parts of a mesh. I am baffled and fearful of over complicating my projects or not being able to use Unreal for this, I know in Unity this is very easy to accomplish. Where is the checkbox located in Unreal to disable the individual mesh components?

Using Unreal 5.0.0

You should be able to make them not visible, as in hide them.

Humm OK a basic as to how UE4 works is you can bolt on the necessary components required to make a much more complex asset and to understand the required level of complexity on needs context.


Lets say you have a base player model in it’s SK form. You want to add some stuff like helmets vests or custom clothing. Can’t really be done with the base SK but you can add all of the required components as a composite using a Character BP and set the Render to hide or not use in game. If your player is not using a helmet you can turn on and off it’s use