Disable Movement Of Vive, Only Rotate

Searching and searching but can’t really find a direct answer to this. The problem I am having is, we are creating a somewhat linear experience, going from one thing to the next, very fixed. But we need the camera to line up pretty exact with widgets throughout the level. The experience is going to be available standing or sitting… So I need the camera to disable movement, so we aren’t so far up when standing or so far down when sitting to see the menus. Basically locking the camera down a long a path, but yet allowing the user to rotate still… Is this possible?



Why? Adjust your widget locations so that they line up with the camera instead?
You could also sample maximum height and offset the camera down to align better.

You can manually enforce rotation only on the camera component but its generally a bad idea, rotation only VR is an inferior experience generally and putting it into a roomscale setup is much much worse.

I’d build an overlapping volume for your widgets to auto align based on head position. Then you can have your cake without getting motion sick.

Didn’t even think of having them adjust based on head position. Im not the greatest at blueprint but this seems like something I could figure out.