Disable LOD/popup in Mantinee

I notice there seems to be a way to do this as in the Elemental Demo cinimatic you dont notice any popup howeer if you fly around the level itself and deleate the cameras and make your own you will notice some popup expecially in the scenery outside /issues. is there some way to disable this while a Mantinee /cinimatic is playing? a tip or mini tutoiral on that would be useful thanks!

There’s a button when you go to make the “movie” thing that says “disable streaming”. Maybe thats it?

nope i think thats only for textures not for LOD :slight_smile: maybe this could be added in a future update. i notice the Elemental demo didnt actually pan out that far to the scenery so maybe its just a known issue with the engine at the moment…and will be fixed in the future :-).