Disable LOD Distance cull

Is it possible to disable distance culling on a static mesh? I’ve got a Neon Sign mesh that’s fairly small and its being removed from the scene when I’m more than a few feet away because of the fact that its made of a wire. I’ve tried adjusting the screen size but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Is it possible to tell the engine not to remove it?
IE disable the distance cull all together.

Anyone? Or at the very least is there a way to force the mesh to stay on the screen for longer?

I need this too. Longer distance or a way to disable it.

Hi TorQueMoD and Timokyyro,

If a mesh gets too small for screen size, like with the wires, you’ll notice it cull from view. Sometimes this can be because of TXAA and the way the previous frame is blended to get a smooth anti-aliasing. You can see if this is causing the mesh to appear like it’s not there by switching the AA methods to FXAA or No AA since this doesn’t do the blending it’s easier to check.

If the actor is actually being culled completely from view you can increase the bounds scale of the mesh to keep it rendered longer.

An alternative method all together that I’ve seen in other games (like Just Cause 3) that come to mind is to have a slightly larger size of your model for the lower LODs so that for these ones that nee to be seen at larger distances but is thin/small can stay around longer.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Tim. How does one go about increasing the bounds size of a mesh? I’m guessing inside the mesh viewer somewhere I’ve just never looked. I personally went with a slightly bigger mesh for the next LOD which did the trick for me, but it would be nice to know how to increase the bounds. Is there any drawback to increasing the bounds? Will it impact performance for example if I were to make the bounds too large?

You can find the Bounds Scale in the Details Panel for the selected mesh in your level. This is a multiplier that will scale the bounds evenly for the mesh. (Use the showflag.boundsscale) to visualize the bounds in the level viewport.

Default is 1.0. Increase it incrementally and not by whole numbers until you get the results you need.

Alternatively, you can set it more specifically in the Static mesh editor under the details panel. There you get more control to scale it on the XYZ specifically for your mesh.


  • Increasing the bounds can keep the mesh rendered longer than it needs to be at distances, or around corners where it would use the bounds to check its visibility it’s now checking sooner since the bounds may come into view more quickly.
  • Bounds are something to check, but may not be the root cause of the mesh disappearing at that distance. Typically here I would check against AA methods to make sure it’s not TXAA’s blend between the last frame that caused it to appear like it’s gone, especially with very small or thin objects.

I just use this commands, on editor, WINDOW>Developers Tools>Output Window
Use this commands:
r.ForceLOD 0
foliage.ForceLOD 0
To disable LODs

r.ForceLOD 1
foliage.ForceLOD 1

To enable back again.

It worked for me, i can render sequences as no LODs are available. If doesnt work, you have to added this commands on render sequence.
(cheers to my friends Rodrigo Villani)

Hey man,

What do you mean by “added this commands on render sequence” ? How do I add the command to render sequence ? Thanks in advance !

On the GENERAL TAB, on the RENDER SEQUENCE… Theres is a tick option.
“Additional Command Line.”

Not sure if this works, didnt test it yet.

You have to check “never distance cull” on the world actor:


I was making Trees and bushes disappear using this code. But is there an alternative code that doesn’t work now? I want trees and bushes to disappear in the game.

Dude I figured it out!!! When you enable nanite check preserve area. This has been driving me nuts for a loooong time. It just works now. I did all the foliage commands and they might help. I havent checked if that makes a difference. Mine are all set to 0 LOD now. But just do the preserve area on nanite and you are golden. I have been trying to figure this out literally all year. Just kept checking stuff and it finally worked. I only do arch viz and the LODs have been screwing me up forever!!!

I replied to a post below already. With Ue5.1 just make the foliage nanite and check ‘Preserve Area’. Like I said in the other reply I already ran the ‘foliage.ForceLOD 0 comand’ so I don’t know if this has a retroactive effect. I have been beating my head against a wall trying to figure it out off and on for a year. Especially the last few days. It was as simple as checking a box. I have tried it with Twinmotion trees and high res flowers I previously imported. Totally works for all. No LOD. No loss of color. No weird burned forest look when you get at a distance. Just wanted to share this with you all so you can find resolution like I have. All me best to explorers like me!!!