disable JumpStart when falling off the ledge.

I followed the 3rd person tutorial. And I’m currently tweaking around trying to disable the Jumpstart animation when falling off a ledge. I mean If I can change that to a different animation or just go straight with the FallingLoop Animation.

It’s a bit hard to understand for me what you mean. You could disable “falling of ledge” in your character-movement-component of the character BP. So you character would refuse to jump down somewhere. If it’s just the animation: If you followed the 3rd person tutorial then jump-start should get to jump-loop at the end of the anim (based on the ratio that the jump-start animation has left) automatically anyway. At least if you disabled the loop parameter and choosed some value at the < timeratio comparison in your transition? If you would skip the jumpstart then just don’t take the path to jump-start state but to something else if the isfalling happens. You could even take the falling loop directly… but I don’t think this would be a good idea in most of the cases. You could even break-out of that jump-start by adding a further condition and go backwards to idle or where-ever you want with some “and” and “or” in your state-machines transitions-rules as well.

The way I’ve fixed this is to go into the AnimBP’s event graph and create a check where if the velocity of Z is above 0 (therefore going up) then an ‘is jumping’ bool is set. So in order to go to the jumpstart state, the condition must be isjumping=true. Then you connect another link from idle to fallingloop state by using the ‘isfalling=true’ there instead