Disable jumping while crouch

Hi there, i am trying to disable/ignore the jump command when my char is crouching, but I seem to fail somwhere, heres is a screen of my jump and crouch blueprint, ive tested som methods, but nothing have worked.

Tried the “is jumping” boolean connected to the branch after jump and make it “if true, stop jump”, but nothing there either

Anyone able to help me?

  1. In your Jump Pressed first press jump set a bool IsJumping to true.
  2. In your Crouch Pressed first check the bool IsJumping and if it is true do nothing.
  3. In your Jump Landed Animation but an event notify towards the end.
  4. In your Animation Blueprint’s Event Graph create a custom event based on that event notify that uses TryGetPawnOwner → casts the pawn to your Character → sets IsJumping to False. (or call a function to the Character that then sets IsJumping to false).

I am sorry but didnt quite get that, in the second step, “if the bool “isJumping” is true, do nothing” part, I have no idea what that setence mean, could you take a screenshot of what you mean?

here is what you need

thank you so much, this did the trick, been sleep deprivating myself playing around with blueprints in a hope i could fail my way to the answer, thanks alot