Disable Jumping from Spawning Character?

I have a character selection screen and each time I select and spawn a new character, the character does a little hop before idling.

Is there a way to disable that?

This sounds like it could be either a montage in the animation blueprint or maybe something else that is hooked into a Begin Play somewhere.

You could try looking through all the blueprints associated with the character, and check the Begin Play nodes.

adjust the spawn location Z. Either it’s too high or low.

The Z is -97 in the ThirdPersonCharacter mesh. The default.

Add 100 units to the spawn location Z. Does it still hop, or does it “fall”?

It falls but it still has the jump animation. It looks like the Jump_Start animation but that should only be triggered if player is in the air.

Ok so I’m dumb and apparently made the player start a little bit higher than the ground.

Somebody take my PC away from me

I’ve done the same thing, that’s why I suggested adjusting Z.