Disable Input for one key

I am developing a game and I want to make some special abilities. Example: If you press “1” you make a headbump. But I dont want that you can do a headbumb every second. I want it to have a delay of 10 seconds but when I was looking how to disable the input I just could disable it for everything and not just one letter. Do you know an answer?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english. I am German

the easiest method would be to use a do once node right after the input (1 key). then have the reset pin set to the delay. Alternatively you could do a similar thing with setting a bool variable. on input set a bool of can headbutt to false then do your scripting for the attack and at the end of the script set the can headbutt variable back to true. oh and you would need a branch just after the input that tests weather the can headbutt is set to true.

Hey there, just create a boolean variable Can Headbump. When you press 1 you check if Can Headbump is set to true, if it is you do the headbump and set Can Headbump to false and schedule a 10 second timer that will execute an event that sets the Can Headbump to true again.