Disable input for Matinee

Hi guys,

I want to disable a certain keys and mouse controls, just to start a Matinee cinematic. I don’t want to disable all the input because I still want to acces to some features when the player sees the cinematic, for example the pause menu. How can I do that?

Hi ,

You could make a boolean value to determine if the player is watching the cinematic. This way you could add a break just after the event of pressing the keys that you would like to disable and set it to do nothing if the boolean is set to true.

There may be other ways to do this that are more efficient, but this is the only thing I could think of that would allow you to still access some functions, as Disable Input would stop all input.

Hope this helps and have a nice day!

That’s what I first thought, but it is a pain if you have a lot of input in your character.

The only other way I can think of is to use the ‘Set Cinematic Mode’ node in the level blueprint when the matinee starts. This will only allow for disabling input for movement and turning however, so you will still be able to do any other actions but it may end up being more than you wanted to allow.

Well you could disable input for movement in the matinee actor details in the 3d viewport too, but that allows teh character to do some other things like shooting. Anyways I think I will do it manually in the blueprint, maybe with a macro it is easer to do it for each input. Thanks!