Disable Grass Animation in Game

I’m currently working on a project with a landscape layer blend material using the grass node for two different grass types. My packaged game requires quite some power, so I’m trying to optimize it for weaker devices. My question now:
Does it make a big difference in performance if the grass doesn’t move? If yes, how do I disable it and can it be disabled in an “options menu”?
Sry if the question’s already been asked here :slight_smile:

Not really. Depends on the GFX doing it and what the grass material does.

Normals wind is cheap. It’s panning a texture.

A good arterial would probably use a feature level switch to go from vertex wind to normals panning.

Probably use a quality switch and to the same for low quality.

It’s won’t really change performance all that much though. Make sure your grass is not casting shadows. That makes the most impact.

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