Disable freaking Auto Exposure?

I. don’t. need this feature! Is that understandable? It’s not even turned on in my post processing settings, and I still have it! Why? Are you FORCING people into using it or what? I don’t need it. I HATE it. No offense, but I want my lighting to be as static as possible without constantly scene becoming dark and then bright. Please help.

Hello there!

Open Project settings and type Exposure in Search box - it will show the option to disable Auto exposure in whole project so you won’t see it anymore

Or the alternative is to make a post-process volume and set it to unbound. While still in the PPV settings, go to the exposure settings group and set the min/max brightnesses to 1 (make sure to check the boxes next to them). This will disable the autoexposure and will still give you the ability to tune it later.

Thanks to both of you. Sorry for being harsh.

Old thread but I’d just like to chime in with some agreement for the OP. Auto exposure is extremely annoying, specially when it stays turned on even after changing it in the global project settings…

Using a PPV did the trick, but honestly Auto Exposure straight off the bat is really annoying.

I’m with this guy. In what world does it make sense to have auto exposure enable by default? Further, why did I have to do a captcha test and 2 factor to login? Also your captch is garbage. It just asked me to roll a ball. It didn’t specify that the image on the ball had to be right side up. You guys are Epic. Start acting like it. You guys do make some great stuff but it’s just the little annoying ■■■■ that you never address.

That is not a thing im aware even exists, i login and the only thing i have to do is wait less than a second.

Nope, it is there “Auto Exposure” is turned on by default which is very, very annoying. I am pretty sure most of us have to turn it off right at the beginning of every project or use post process volume to remove it. I agree, it should be OFF. We all know where it is when we need it. Consistent lighting first, autoexposure later much later.

Shouldn’t work the same anymore in .25 as they updated it and gave us more control apparently.
one of the talks had screeen captures of modifying the curve that is uses to change rendering. Havent had time to ply with it yet, but if you can alter the curve for the project 90% of the issues it gives won’t be there anymore.

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