Disable foliage parenting or remove landscape without foliage?

Hello all,

is there a way to remove the landscape without the foliage, or better: disabling the parenting and snapping of foliage on the terrain?
I tried to get access to the instances with EditorUtilityBlueprints but couldn’t find exposed parameters there.
I also tried to copy all the transforms of the instances, clear all instances and create new ones with the same transforms but this had no impact. This implies that the parenting happens not directly on the instances but on its components. Apparently foliage instance components can’t be created with Editor Utilities.

Would be great if someone knows something about it or could help me with this:)

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I found a solution to separate the foliage by creating a new blueprint with a lot hierarchical instanced static mesh -components and then filling it with a editor-utility-blueprint.
It grabs the data of the selected landscape and copies the transforms into the new blueprint (BP_foliage_replacement).

Technially it should work like the default foliage in Unreal (because foliage instances are inhering from HISM) but the frustum culling of HISM is not working as I want. If someone has an idea why HISMs are not culling correctly, let me know :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this !

I know it’s been 2 years but have you ever had to tackle this problem again and have you found a better solution ? :slight_smile:

There is still no default-option for this problem afaik :confused: We are now working with static meshes for most things and transform them into HISM-actors later, so we don’t run into these problems again.

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