Disable fire projectile

Hey, in the first person character blueprint I have an inventory function, and I’ve set it up so that when this widget is open the player freezes. I set up this as a branch straight after the ‘input action fire’ and everything works fine, the player doesn’t fire when this widget is open. However I have recently made a second widget but this time it was not created within the first person character blueprint. I have done everything the same and I have set a boolean condition so that when this widget is open it checks it true, however this doesn’t stop the player from firing despite the fact it should freeze the player. Thanks in advance

The spawn projectile checks to see if the player is frozen, if so then disables shooting

The ‘freezeplayer’ * ‘unfreezeplayer’ custom events

I casted to the filing cabinet blueprint when overlapped so if the widget is open it should freeze but it doesn’t work

If you need any more info then please say :slight_smile: