Disable "ferror limit"

Hello, i tryed packaging to android recently and i kept getting a long list errors, and then this fatal error:

fatal error: too many errors emitted, stopping now [-ferror-limit=]

It looks to me like those “errors” are all fake errors, because the game works perfectly fine inside the editor ( i can compile and play with no problem) and visual studio does not complain about any error. I managed to fix some of those “errors” by adding “includes” and forward declarations, and the game finally packaged, because the ammound of errors seemed to go below the 20 errors threshold (and btw the game plays perfectly fine, just like in the editor). The problem is, some of the errors just won’t go away no matter what i include. For example

use of undeclared identifier ‘CreateDefaultSubobject’

appears inside every single class multiple times.

Any way i can disable completly this “ferror limit”?