Disable Face_PostProcess_AnimBP


in the Face_AnimBP_C preview window, I can see this option at the bottom to disable Face_PostProcess_AnimBP. I am working on some alternative workflows for applying data and I found that I would like to have a BP that has this Face_PostProcess_AnimBP disabled so that I can process some data in a particular way. How can I go about disabling this for a Metahuman character BP? Is there a way I can just duplicate a Metahuman BP and find this (I was not able to find it) and disable the PostProcess on the face? Where would I find this. It seems like some option I should be able to find in the character, or face BP.


Adnan Hussain

When you click Disable, is it not disabling?
Or is it more that you were interested in understanding how it even gives you the option to disable it in the first place.

Hi Daffendro,

thanks for the reply. It is disabling, but I am not sure why I need to disable it in this test.

Adnan Hussain
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It is the neck’s procedural control rig. You can disable it from skeletal mesh component, set a boolean “Disable Post Process Blueprint” to true from Face_AnimBP, Character BP or simply remove it from skeletal mesh asset. image