Disable F1 Wireframe Input Binding


I am trying to bind a custom action to the F1 key, however when I play the game in the editor it also triggers wireframe view. What is the best way to disable this behavior and only invoke my callback when playing in the editor window?


Hi Scott

Try this in your project’s DefaultInput.ini…

-DebugExecBindings=(Key=F1,Command="viewmode wireframe", bIgnoreShift=True)
-DebugExecBindings=(Key=F2,Command="viewmode unlit")
-DebugExecBindings=(Key=F3,Command="viewmode lit")
+DebugExecBindings=(Key=F1,Command="viewmode wireframe", Control=True)
+DebugExecBindings=(Key=F2,Command="viewmode unlit", Control=True)
+DebugExecBindings=(Key=F3,Command="viewmode lit", Control=True)

Hope this helps,


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