Disable/Enable Specific Bone/Body Collisions

Hey all,

I am running into an issue where I would like to disable and enable specific bone collisions or body collisions on skeletal mesh. The use case here is that I have some fairly large weapons on my characters which I would like to be ignored for in game collisions. The reason I am not deleting the collision bodies off them in PHAT is because I would like them to be maintained for when the characters ragdoll.

To summarise my use case: I would like to set up the collision bodies in PHAT, then toggle specific bones off on begin play, then once a character dies I would enable them all again.

Has anyone found a feature that allows this? I have tried making two different physics assets (one with, one without the weapon bodies) and then swapping them out using “Set Physics Asset”. The issue with this system is that the new physics asset ignores all of the velocity of the old one, so the ragdoll just drops directly down regardless of the initial velocity. This seems like a bug, as if I put a .1 second delay after setting a new physics asset it works as intended in PIE. It still fails to work as intended in a build.

I would also like to point out that I do need per bone collisions for my system so toggling off collisions on the skeletal mesh is not an option.