Disable / Enable 'player start'?

Hey everyone!

So for my single player game, what I want to do is have multiple ‘player starts’ in my level room. Depending on what the ‘doortospawnat’ variable is (which is set at the previous room’s exit door), it will change which ‘player start’ to spawn at.

So, my idea was to have every ‘player start’ in the level room disabled, and on the begin play node the level blueprint will read the ‘doortospawnat’ variable and then enable the correct ‘player start’, and then probably trigger the spawn somehow.

Problem is, I can’t find the ‘disable / enabled’ tick box. Where is that? Also, how would I disable the auto spawn at the beginning of the level, and trigger it manually?

You can force spawning to spectator instead of as the player in your Game Mode.

You can set tags for each of your spawn points and then just filter through the tags to decide which one to spawn at.