Disable editor features

I want to add a lot of custom functionality using the new editor utility widgets,
Is there a way i can disable a lot of the functionality of the editor for users, content browser etc, ideally i would like to disable everything except my custom utility widgets?
The reason is this, some of the functionality I am adding will not work at run time so it has to be used in the editor.

I don’t think you can for all of them, it either require disbaling plug-in or unloading module contain those features, but some of them are accumulated in single modules which are required for you to make editor stuff to work for you. You could maybe do something in Slate to block of access but that would require C++.

Also your reason is kind of weird, anything you use in editor utility widget will work only in editor regardless and it won’t be packaged to runtime build anyway.

Yes perhaps you are correct, doing this in slate might be a better way to do it.
I don’t plan on packaging it to a runtime build. Just trying to limit access to certain features