Disable draw debug line in Editor Mode

hi guys ,
have any way to disable debug line in Editor Mode (not packagging , that is too waste time )
by Console command or change settings?


What exactly do you want to do? What debug line do you want to disable?

i used a lot of “LineTraceForObject” Node, and set to “Draw Debug Type”.
but now i need a easier way to set “None”.

or don’t show thats debug line(messages)

Welcome to the club :smiley:

I’ve found your question while also searching for an easy way to temporary disable LineTraces, to make the editor a little cleaner for a while.

Luckily, I’ve just found a good enough solution, at least for me. There is a node called (Flush Persistent Debug Lines), use it every tick and you’re done! no more line traces :slight_smile:

Note: Unfortunately, It’s for development only & not for shipping.

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