Disable cursor altogether while animation plays?

I have a widget for my main menu. There are 4 options : Play/Options/Instructions/Quit. Whenever I press one of them a 2 seconds long animation starts playing. The thing is during that time I can still hover over the options and my hover sound will play. I can also still click on those buttons and basically glitch the whole menu… I read here and there, and here’s how I’ve set up everything :
Each button has one of those attached to it’s blueprint

I want to disable the mouse cursor in those 2 seconds when the animation starts playing. Help please!

What I would do is just hide the mouse cursor, like you are doing, but then disable the hover or click effects on all buttons when one is clicked. So for a simple example, create a variable like bButtonPressed. Set this value to TRUE when you click any button, then create a branch between all your click and hover effects and only call the functions when this value is false.

You could also go through and Disable all buttons when any of the buttons are pressed. That may work better/easier

Worked perfectly! Thank you very much :slight_smile: